What Should I Do if My Spouse is Hiding Assets During Divorce?

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During a divorce, all marital assets and property must be divided and, unfortunately, this is often a contentious matter for many spouses. To keep you from obtaining your fair share of assets, your spouse may attempt to hide certain assets during the divorce process. With an experienced attorney on your side, you can uncover these assets and your spouse may face some serious penalties as a result of their deceptive actions.

Uncovering Hidden Assets

When a spouse is not entirely forthcoming in a divorce, litigation is often necessary. As part of the litigation process, you and your spouse will be expected to provide all necessary financial documents, disclose the facts regarding the value of all assets, and swear under penalty of perjury that the information is true. In many cases, a forensic accountant may be helpful to provide a detailed analysis of the marital assets and uncover anything your spouse may be trying to hide.

Of course, inaccuracies sometimes happen, but if your spouse intentionally violates disclosure laws in an attempt to hide assets, the judge on your case can impose some severe penalties. Your spouse may be ordered to pay your legal fees, a fine, and you may even be awarded the whole amount of the asset your spouse was trying to hide. If the situation is particularly severe, your spouse may even be incarcerated.

Even if your spouse does not suffer any formal consequences, losing credibility in the eyes of a judge is something that is almost impossible to recover from and it will undoubtedly negatively impact your spouse. Do not hesitate to retain skilled legal counsel as soon as possible to navigate your case and ensure you do not miss out on any marital assets that are rightfully yours.

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