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The details of your alimony arrangement will become official once the court finalizes your divorce decree. It is generally ideal to negotiate and work hard to reach a favorable spousal support agreement before your divorce is finalized. Achieving a positive alimony arrangement before divorce is finalized often requires a significant amount of back-and-forth with your spouse’s legal counsel, which requires strategy, forethought, and ongoing negotiation.

In our 60+ years of combined experienced as Georgia divorce lawyers, we have grown to understand the technical complexities and personal complications that alimony negotiations present – and we’re here to simplify the process for you. By making us your advocates, you put your future, your finances, and your personal well-being in our capable hands.

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One hundred dollar bills on a table with an "alimony" note on top next to a succulent plant.Alimony requires payment of a set amount on a specific date each month. If an alimony arrangement is unfair, it can pose an unduly heavy burden on the paying party or prevent the receiving party from having enough funds to live on. The courts consider many factors when determining whether one party should pay alimony and how much.

These factors may include:

  • Each spouse’s individual gross annual income
  • Each spouse’s financial and non-financial contributions to the marriage and family life
  • Whether one spouse sacrificed his or her professional life or work opportunities to care for children, dependents, the other spouse, etc.
  • What real property and assets are owned by which spouse
  • Each spouse’s ability to independently care for himself or herself

We Protect Your Best Interests from Beginning to End

If your circumstances or those of your spouse have changed such that your original alimony arrangement is no longer fair or workable, we can help you seek necessary changes. This requires a separate legal action and the submission of a new, altered alimony proposal. You will not be able to successfully request a change to your alimony agreement without a seasoned Columbus family lawyer on your side to advise you throughout the process.

A new alimony arrangement may be possible if any of the following are true:

  • You or your former spouse has remarried.
  • Your children or other dependents no longer require the full-time care and attention of the receiving parent.
  • The receiving spouse has not made reasonable efforts to become financially independent.
  • A significant life event takes place, such as retirement, healing from a major illness, gaining an advanced degree, etc.

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